Associated NOC Code: 7514 – Delivery Service Drivers and Door-to-Door Distributors

Job Prospects: Exceptional

Education: Required

Salary Range: Coming Soon

If you enjoy driving, meeting customers throughout the day and being home at night, consider being one of the over 95,000 Delivery / Pickup Drivers employed across Canada.

Delivery/Pickup Drivers typically travel short distances, picking up and delivering products to a range of locations throughout their shifts. Short routes and multiple stops bring variety to this role. Delivery/Pickup Drivers also interact with customers during each pickup and delivery stop, so employers look for a positive attitude and great customer service skills.

Each day, most Delivery/Pickup drivers start and finish from a home terminal, so they are able to go home at night. Depending on the type of goods being transported, these drivers may operate straight trucks (Class 3/D license) or tractor-trailers (Class 1/A).

Bridging the Gap: Truck Drivers