Associated NOC Code: 7511 – Transport Truck Drivers

Job Prospects: Exceptional

Education: Required

Salary Range: Coming Soon

Being an owner-operator means owning your own truck – you are a small business owner!

Owner-operators provide their services (truck and trailer) to fleets and carriers. They are their own bosses. They balance their technical driving skills with business savvy to have successful careers.

Many owner-operators start their careers in the industry as company drivers. However, company drivers who want to own their own business and have more control over their careers (including routes and scheduling) often become Owner-Operators.

Owner-Operators are responsible for purchasing, maintaining and servicing their truck and equipment, maintaining insurance, and managing the financial aspects of their business, including negotiating contracts. In addition, owner-operators have to manage all of their own paperwork and documentation associated with crossing provincial and national borders. Many drivers love the control that being an owner-operator provides.

Bridging the Gap: Truck Drivers