Associated NOC Code: 7511 – Transport Truck Drivers

Job Prospects: Exceptional

Education: Required

Salary Range: Coming Soon

Driving a Flat-Bed is a role meant for experienced drivers. Newly licensed drivers can first gain experience as Transport Truck Drivers before considering this role.

Flat-Bed Drivers haul items that are often beyond the height, width and/or length that are normally legally allowed on the road. This can range from relatively simple equipment hauls (where the item may be wider than the standard width of the trailer) to international moves of items so large that, for example, utility company crews must accompany the truck to lift wires out of the way so the truck may pass.

Given the different types of loads being moved, being a Flat-Bed driver often means doing more than what a typical truck driver would do. For example, Flat-Bed Drivers may be involved in route planning, obtaining appropriate permits, and coordinating with external agencies while en route (police, utility companies, specialty load/unload crews, etc.).

They also need to know how to direct a team to help place cargo on the truck in a way that ensures safe transportation.

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