I want to help manage inventory and keep detailed records to ensure that truck mechanics and technicians have the necessary parts to keep equipment and trailers in good condition.

I want to be physically active, work with my hands and provide assistance to drivers to maintain transport trailers.

I want to work on equipment and trailers that refrigerate goods to ensure they arrive at their destination fresh or frozen.

I want to be physically active, using my strength to maintain truck and trailer tires.

I want to inspect, test, diagnose and repair trucks and work with innovative engines, equipment and machinery with complex electronics and digital systems to ensure they are operating safely.

I want to drive in a yard, moving trailers and equipment to ensure inventory is placed in its designated location.

I want to move cargo manually or with motorized equipment, such as a forklift, to ensure the correct goods safely get on and off the right truck.

I enjoy the combination of working a manual job and a desk job to ensure the correct goods are loaded and shipped to their designated customers within their arrival time.

I want to manage inventory, maintaining detailed records to ensure my company has the right product and equipment on-site at the correct time.

I like talking to people and would enjoy supporting truck drivers with scheduling, load instructions and en route challenges.